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Legal Services for Military Families Around the World

Our sole purpose is to help military families recover compensation if a military dependent has suffered injury through negligence or malpractice of a military doctor, at any military hospital or clinic worldwide.  For almost 30 years we have been getting justice and compensation for victims of military medical malpractice.  With uncompromising standards we relentlessly pursue the best recovery in every case we handle. We have achieved impressive results for our clients in the past – and can do the same for you.

BE CAREFUL:  Military medical malpractice claims involving the government have a two-year statute of limitations-even for babies and children. Act today to protect your rights by calling toll-free, 24/7 at 1-877-695-8757,  e-mail us or fill out our online form for a quick response. 

We handle a wide variety of cases and serve all branches of the military, including:

  • Army Medical Malpractice at any Army Hospital
  • Air Force Medical Malpractice at any Air Force Hospital
  • Navy Medical Malpractice at any Navy Hospital
  • Medical Malpractice injuring a Marine’s dependent at any military medical facility

Our practice covers all areas of medicine and surgery, including:

Justice for Victims of Military Medical Malpractice

To get your case evaluated immediately by a trial lawyer, with a FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation you can:

  • Reach us 24/7 at our toll-free number 1-877-695-8757; or

  • Submit our online form and a knowledgeable military malpractice lawyer will contact you directly.

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