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December, 2013

Military Medical Malpractice Lawsuit FAQs (Part 2)

December 24, 2013

As a continuation of Military Medical Malpractice Lawsuit FAQs (Part 1), the following presents some additional frequently asked questions and answers associated with medical malpractice lawsuits for military personnel. Is there a time limit for filing my military medical malpractice lawsuit? Yes, as with other types of personal injury cases, Read More

Military Medical Malpractice Lawsuit FAQs (Part 1)

November 17, 2013

If you or a loved one has been injured in a military hospital in the U.S. or overseas, check out these FAQs to learn more about your rights and how you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. How do I know if I have a Read More

Surgery Errors at Military Hospitals

October 4, 2013

Although we trust surgeons and their staff to be at their best when they are performing invasive and complex surgeries on us, unfortunately, these professionals can make mistakes that result in severe injuries that, in the worst cases, can be fatal. In fact, each year in the U.S., at least Read More

Nursing Negligence at Military Hospitals

September 3, 2013

Whether at civilian or military hospitals, nurses are support staff who are entrusted to attend to patients at various stages of their medical treatments. Unfortunately, however, some of the following circumstances can lead to nurses making mistakes and patients, as a result, being seriously injured: Understaffing nurses at hospitals, which Read More

Military Emergency Room Errors and Military Medical Malpractice Claims

August 1, 2013

When you have an emergency medical need, you trust the doctors and other medical professionals in military emergency rooms to be ready to provide you with the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, however: Military emergency rooms are hectic places. Military doctors may not have the support staff they need. Military nurses Read More

High-Risk Pregnancies Increase Risk of Birth Injuries

July 23, 2013

While expecting the birth of a new child is a wonderful time for women and their families, unfortunately, some women have complicated, high-risk pregnancies that will require special attention and potentially even special medical care before, during and after the birthing process. In such cases, it’s crucial that military doctors, Read More


April 4, 2013

My baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, should I consult a lawyer? The term cerebral palsy (CP) refers to  a neurological disorder that appears in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. Even though cerebral palsy affects muscle movement, often with stiff or tight muscles and spasticity, it isn’t Read More


April 3, 2013

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