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A vacuum or forceps delivery could be riskier than a C-section for mom and baby

May 4, 2018

Image of a pregnant woman in the hospital.

A military doctor has to be skilled in use of forceps and vacuum, and only use it in the right cases, to prevent serious injury to mother and baby.

A large study finds forceps and vacuum deliveries can lead to more physical trauma for a mother and baby than a C-section would.

Although forceps or vacuum delivery of a baby can safely avoid a c-section in some cases, the doctor has to be skilled in use of these instruments and make sure an “operative vaginal delivery” is appropriate for the baby and mother in each individual case.  Otherwise, as discussed in this recent study, these tools might cause more harm than good to both mother and baby.  Other studies have previously found that using both forceps and a vacuum increases the risk of harm to even higher levels.

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Source  and to read more:  http://www.cmaj.ca/content/189/22/E764  


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