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Emily E. Kilgore, BS, CNA



Emily E. Kilgore, BS, CNA – Legal Assistant for Military Medical Malpractice cases


Legal Assistant

Emily Kilgore is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  with a BS degree in psychobiology (a neuroscience-based degree with added emphasis in a higher level study of psychology).  As such she brings an in depth knowledge of both science and psychology that helps with understanding and working on all levels of complex military medical malpractice cases. 

Ms. Kilgore has experience working a certified nursing assistant as preparation for pursuing her graduate degree as a Physician’s Assistant.  This current and continuing experience in healthcare delivery “in the trenches” gives her a unique and helpful perspective when evaluating errors in the medical field. 

Finally, Ms. Kilgore’s husband is a First Lieutenant in the Air Force allowing her to relate to our clients and their stories from her own personal experience as a military dependent.  Since February 2017, Ms. Kilgore has been helping to personally serve our clients stationed in Germany and other U.S. military bases in Europe from our satellite office location near Ramstein Air Force Base and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.


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