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Asking questions before and after surgery can help prevent medical malpractice

June 11, 2017


Too often patients blindly follow their doctor’s orders and recommendations even when they have concerns about the proposed surgery or treatment plan.  Too often patients feel too scared or intimidated to ask questions of their doctors, even when facing high-stakes, life-altering surgery.  However, addressing concerns and asking questions, especially when done in a respectful and positive manner, serves not only to  eliminate uncertainty and help ensure the correct path is being taken, but can actually decrease medical errors and help build a better doctor-patient relationship.

Three simple questions to ask when you are facing surgery include: Is the surgery necessary? Will your doctor really be the one doing the surgery? How do you get what you need after surgery?  These questions are especially critical if your surgery is being done in a military hospital where providers and medical facilities change often, increasing the chance for disjointed care.

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To read more:  http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/what-to-ask-your-doctor-if-youre-considering-surgery

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