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Doctors are experimenting on pregnant women

January 10, 2019

Doctors do not really know how medications affect pregnant women. Photo credit: ©Billion Photos/Adobe Stock

Doctors often have no choice but to experiment on pregnant women without knowing whether their treatments will help, or harm, the mother and/or her unborn baby.  Pregnant women are usually excluded from medical research, because scientists are understandably concerned that experimenting on them could hurt them or their fetus.  According to a recent article, ‘”[t]hat’s where the irony comes in . . . because researchers are hardly ever permitted to conduct trials on pregnant women, we end up experimenting on pregnant women all the time . . . so we just stick with the old standards, or we introduce new things without doing trials on them.”‘

When a woman is pregnant,  her blood volume doubles and her liver and kidney function changes.  No one knows how that affects the medication a mother may be on for any number of preexisting conditions, “so doctors find themselves prescribing medications, or taking pregnant patients off them, without strong evidence of benefit either way,” explained the author of this report.

Are you  pregnant and taking medication for any preexisting condition?  If so,  ask your doctor how he or she plans to manage that medication keeping in mind the potential consequences to your baby and the unknown effects on you as well.

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Source & to read more: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/12/10/673897043/research-gaps-leave-doctors-guessing-about-treatments-for-pregnant-women; to hear the full audio from this report, please click below.

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