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Doctors are missing heart attack symptoms in women

March 13, 2018

Heart EKG

Heart attack symptoms in women are often missed by doctors including doctors in the military.

Early diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks in women is critical.  A young woman who is hospitalized with a heart attack has a higher risk of death than a man of the same age yet acute heart attack symptoms often go unnoticed in women.  More than half of the doctors seeing women who seek care for those symptoms, prior to being hospitalized, might not even realize that the symptoms are heart-related, a recent the study suggests.

In the new study, shortly after their heart attack, patients were interviewed and asked whether they had seen their doctor in the week before going to the hospital. They also were asked whether their doctor told them that their symptoms might be related to a heart problem.  About 22.1% of men and 29.5% of women said they sought medical care for their symptoms before their hospitalization, but only 37% of those men — compared with 53% of those women — said that their doctors did not think their symptoms were heart-related.
More than half the doctors missed that the symptoms were heart related!  This represents a huge missed opportunity to save more  women from heart attack deaths.
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