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Empty Arms: Getting justice when your baby dies or is stillborn.

“We can’t find a heartbeat.”

There are perhaps no more devastating words for a pregnant woman and her husband to hear. For months you have been filled with great expectation and joy as you anticipated the birth of your new baby. You picked out names, prepared a nursery, and were thrilled over the amazing ultrasound pictures of your precious son or daughter. As the time of birth drew near you excitedly imagined the sweet sound of your baby’s first cry. But when your baby was born, there was only stillness and silence.

Along with overwhelming grief and sadness, you may wonder why your baby died and whether it could have been prevented. Were there signs of fetal distress that a mid-wife missed? Was there something on an ultrasound that should have alerted the obstetrician to a developing problem before it was too late? Should the maternal fetal medicine doctors have monitored you more closely or managed your high blood pressure or diabetes more carefully?

The military medical malpractice lawyers at Brown Law have the experience and expertise to know where to look to find answers to these tough questions. Other attorneys may not look beyond the fact your baby was stillborn and not want the case because they believe the value is “too small.”  However, we understand and firmly believe that even if a baby never takes a breath, that baby should have the same rights as any other person who death is caused by a doctor’s negligence: it is still a wrongful death.  Contact us today and let us help you get justice for your stillborn baby.  Free, confidential consultations.

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