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Five myths of medical malpractice –Part 2

March 14, 2017

Myth 2: Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Deliver “Jackpot Justice”

The assertion that the malpractice liability system serves up jackpot justice takes various forms, but the basic charge is that the system doles out compensation freely and that uninjured or less injured patients take home millions.  However, recent stuides consistently prove that most (80%-85%) medical malpractice claims are closed without payment (doctors win and the patient gets nothing). When there is a payment, it was almost always the result of a voluntary settlement and then the amount paid is modest for less-severe injuries while even those who suffered grave and permanent injuries received a mean payout of only $1.25 million and a median payout of about $1 million, often far less than what would actually compensate them for what they have lost.

Studies now have established the truth:  patients injured by medical malpractice are not hitting the jackpot of justice.

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To read more go to: Hyman, David A and Silver, Charles, Five Myths of Medical malpractice, CHEST 2013; 143 (1): 222 – 227

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