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Failure of doctors and nurses to wash hands is causing post-operative infections

January 17, 2019

I have written before about the importance of hand washing by doctors and nurses to prevent infection. Yet another study, this one published just this month from University of Iowa researchers, reports that despite solid evidence supporting improved practices for hand washing “adherence to evidence-based, basic, preventive measures is abysmal.”
The study found that these “failures may help to explain why up to 7 percent of patients undergoing surgery continue to contract at least one postoperative infection.”  While these findings were labeled as “alarming,” all healthcare providers know that there are practices that can address this critical patient safety issue. They just need to do what mothers have been telling their children to do for decades- “make sure to wash your hands!”
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Source & to read more: Randy W. Loftus, Franklin Dexter, Alysha D.M. Robinson. High-risk Staphylococcus aureus transmission in the operating room: A call for widespread improvements in perioperative hand hygiene and patient decolonization practices. American Journal of Infection Control, 2018; 46 (10): 1134 

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