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How to choose a hospital to deliver your baby

April 8, 2019

Military hospitals should be taking steps to make childbirth safer for both mothers and babies.

Here is more from the recent USA Today series we have been posting the last several weeks: “Lisa Kane Low knows statistics like those found in USA TODAY’s investigation into secretive hospital records can “scare the living daylights out of people.” As the associate dean of practice and professional graduate programs at University of Michigan’s School of Nursing, she says there’s a balanced way to use that kind of information to better public policy without paralyzing parents with fear.”

“The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM), an initiative run by the nation’s leading medical societies whose members care for pregnant women, said every birthing hospital should be taking certain actions to improve maternal safety in the U.S. AIM has recommended safety protocols that hospitals can follow on a voluntary basis. Experts say if a hospital is following AIM’s safety bundles it indicates they are more focused on safety across the board.”

Experts suggest calling the labor and delivery department of a hospital and asking for the charge nurse, who should be able to answer questions about the hospital’s safety practices. Outside of technical questions, the expert said “the most important thing to look for is a supportive, patient-centered culture.” “I think the initial response that you get either in labor and delivery or at the main office is going to tell you a lot . . . If you get the cold shoulder and ‘We’re too busy to talk to right now,’ or they can’t answer your questions, that’s probably not a really good sign,” according to AIM experts.

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