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Marine Hospitals

Our Success Rate with Marine Hospital Malpractice

If you, your spouse, or your child has a been injured due to medical malpractice or negligence in a Marine hospital whether in the US or overseas, the law firm of  Brown Law has the legal knowledge and successful track record to get results in filing a claim. Many in the Marines erroneously believe that there is nothing they can do in the case of military medical malpractice because they are dealing with the US government. While active duty personnel cannot bring a suit against the government, if a dependent or non-active duty family member suffers an injury or even death, you have legal recourse.

At Brown Law, our lawyers get actively and directly involved in your case on a personal level. We work with all branches of the military including the Marines, no matter where you might be stationed. Even if you are stationed overseas, the attorney handling your case will meet with you there and work with you to get to make sure your rights are fully protected. We experience a high level of success with the cases we try, and our attorneys have the expertise of a national practice to get you the justice you deserve. Why are we so successful? Here are some of the ways that Brown Law stands out above the rest:

  • We have the experience of over 30 years of working exclusively with military medical malpractice lawsuits

  • We stay actively involved in your case on a personal level; we never pass you off to an assistant

  • We are available to you by phone and online 24/7

  • We never charge any fees unless we recover compensation, and will even advance the costs for pursuing your claim

Military Malpractice Practice Areas

No attorney can ethically promise or guarantee you a recovery that results in thousands or millions of dollars.  However, the expertise and success rate of the lawyers at Brown Law will give you the confidence that we will aggressively pursue your case to get you to recovery in results you deserve. Here are our primary areas of practice:

  • Birth Injuries

  • Pediatric Malpractice

  • GYN Malpractice

  • Surgical Errors

  • Serious Injuries

  • Wrongful Death

Our law firm has a distinguished history of helping military families, and you can read our many success stories by previous clients on our Testimonials page. If you or a loved one has been injured due to military medical malpractice, please call us toll-free at 1-877-695-8757 today.

Our Promise to You

At Brown Law, we believe it is extremely important to hire an attorney with the experience and success in medical malpractice claims against the US government to make sure you get the justice you deserve. We promise to:

  • Make sure your rights are fully protected

  • Aggressively advocate on your behalf

  • Tirelessly pursue the best recovery in your case

  • Consider your case even if others have turned you down

Give us a call at 1-877-695-8757 or fill out our online submission form for your free initial consultation today.

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