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Medical Malpractice Is Tragic Pattern in Military Hospitals, NYT Report Finds

March 31, 2015

While military hospitals are often the sites of medical malpractice and medical mistakes, these mistakes are rarely scrutinized and reported, a recent New York Times investigation has found. According to this study, researchers have reportedly uncovered the facts that:

  • A recent study has exposed the high rates of medical malpractice in military hospitals. Here are the details you should know. Contact us if you’ve been the victim of military medical malpractice.

    A recent study has exposed the high rates of medical malpractice in military hospitals. Here are the details you should know. Contact us if you’ve been the victim of military medical malpractice.

    Military hospitals consistently have had higher rates of malpractice and resulting harm to patients when providing maternity care and conducting surgeries (as compared to the rates associated with civilian hospitals).

  • Although military hospitals have been required to investigate sudden/unexpected patient complications since 2001 (per the Defense Department’s regulations), these investigations are only sporadically conducted.
  • Less than half of the adverse patient events that would necessitate further investigation were actually looked into by administrators at the impacted facilities. 

Given the fact that U.S. military hospitals are currently providing care to about 1.6 million active duty military members, as well as their families, these findings raise serious concerns about the risks to patient safety presented in these facilities.

Medical Malpractice in Military Hospitals: A Closer Look at the Scope of the Problem

The NYT’s findings regarding medical malpractice in military hospitals have been backed up by other recent research, including a study from the American College of Surgeons (ACS). According to this study:

  • About 50 percent of the nation’s largest military hospitals had higher rates of post-surgical infection and improperly performed surgeries (when compared to benchmark values).
  • The three military hospitals with the highest rates of surgical complications were the Madigan Army Medical Center, the San Antonio Military Medical Center and the Naval Medical Center San Diego.
  • In contrast, the top three military hospitals in the U.S. with the lowest rates of post-surgical complications included the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Center.

Commenting on these findings regarding medical malpractice in military hospitals, Dr. James P. Bagian (director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety) explained, “if, in fact, unexpected deaths were reported and ignored, there would appear to be no good answer for that expect that someone is sleeping at the switch.”

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