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Meconium Aspiration


Meconium is the name for an unborn or newborn baby’s stool/bowel movement. A baby will typically not pass meconium before birth unless the baby experiences stress. If a baby experiences stress before delivery or during labor, usually due to a lack of oxygen, the baby may pass meconium into the amniotic fluid. When your amniotic fluid/bag of waters breaks the fluid should be clear. If your amniotic fluid is greenish or brown colored that may mean you baby is under stress and the military doctors or midwives should monitor you very closely.

Also, if the baby breathes the meconium stained amniotic fluid into his or her lungs at birth, it can cause permanent lung injury and brain damage. Doctors refer to this as meconium aspiration. Good medical care during and immediately after birth may prevent injury caused by meconium. If your child suffered brain or lung damage or died due to meconium aspiration at a Navy, Army or Air Force hospital anywhere in the world, please contact us for help.  We offer free initial consultations with an experienced military birth injury lawyer.  There is never any fee unless we get compensation for you.

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