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Military Medical Malpractice

Standing Up for the Victims of Military Medical Malpractice

At Brown Law, we are lawyers working exclusively for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine families in medical malpractice cases at military medical facilities anywhere in the world.

When brave men and women take on the challenge of protecting our country’s freedom, they should not be abandoned by the military when their spouse or child is seriously injured or killed by the negligence of a military doctor, midwife, or nurse.  The truth is, however, that JAG lawyers can’t help you because their job is to represent the government.  Moreover, many lawyers who pursue civilian malpractice cases do not have experience handling the intricacies and avoiding the pitfalls involved in suing the United States.

If you or a family member has been hurt as a result of negligence in a military hospital, you need an experienced military medical malpractice lawyer on your side. We have a track record of 30 years of experience and success in military medical malpractice cases, including Army, Navy, and Air Force medical malpractice cases and handle a broad range of serious military medical malpractice claims.

No Fee Unless We Get Compensation for You
We offer free, no risk, confidential consultations and skillfully handle these claims in a way that will not put your or your spouse’s military career in jeopardy. Contact us today to speak directly with a military medical malpractice trial attorney with in-depth knowledge of these difficult cases.  You may call us at 1-877-695-8757 (24/7), e-mail us at LawHelp@MilitaryMedicalMalpractice.com , or fill out the short form at the top right side of this page.

Representing Military Families in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and at all military bases around the world
Our lawyers represent military families injured by medical malpractice and negligence at any military base in the United States as well as at all overseas military installations from Japan to Germany and beyond.

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