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Navy Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice that happens at a Navy hospital is covered under the FTCA if it happens in the United States, or by the MCA if it happens overseas. In either case, if you or a family member was injured by a Navy doctor, Navy mid-wife, Navy nurse, or any medical provider working at a Navy hospital, it is important to consult a lawyer who knows how to file claims against the Navy for medical malpractice. It is NOT the same as if you were injured in a civilian hospital.

The military medical malpractice lawyers at Brown Law have successfully settled and tried Navy malpractice cases occurring at Navy hospitals all over the world: from U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan to Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California, to National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), Bethesda, Maryland, to Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia to U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella, Italy and beyond.

If you have been injured at a Navy hospital or by a Navy doctor, we can help you. Please contact us today.

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