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 Client Testimonials

Client Distinction Award“You are a hero to us and all families you help. You do what most cannot or will not do and I will always be forever grateful to you. And you are right, there was some peace that came with knowing that we forced the Navy to acknowledge responsibly.”

-Active duty father of a son who died before birth 

“My husband and I contacted you in 2001 about our son . . .  who had been born by a forceps delivery at Ft. Hood.  He was injured by an Air Force intern and you helped us settle with the government concerning the malpractice involved in the delivery.  [Our son] turned 18 last week . . . your settlement does help at least make us feel better about the situation.  Thank you for your help all those years ago.  We were young and uninformed and you were a kind, knowledgeable and ethical influence in our lives.”   – Mother of son injured at Army hospital during birth

“Thank you for your hard work and for helping the process come to a good ending for everyone.  We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in justice.  I believe you are a rarity in the world, a warrior righting the wrong.”   -Military wife who suffered a significant injury

Baby - safety concept“We can never thank you enough-not only for your superb handling of the litigation, but also for your friendship, your empathy, and the emotional support we got from knowing that our son’s case was in such caring and capable hands.”  -Father of son who was misdiagnosed at birth

“We thank you for all your hard work.  We are blessed to have such a happy, healthy little boy, but we will never forget our little girl and what you did to set things right.”    -Parents of twins, one (the daughter) died during birth

cu-ty“You don’t know what a difference you’ve made in my little boy’s life.  He’s an angel sent from heaven and you are too.  We are forever grateful.”   -Mother of a boy with cerebral palsy from brain damage suffered during birth

“We would like to thank you very much for all the hard work and effort you put into resolving our case.  Your diligence in the way you handled our case in a professional, timely, through and well informed manner was exceptional.  I’m certain your firm must consider you a great asset.  Once again Anne, thanks for all your have done, you truly made a wonderful different in our lives.”    -Active duty father of son who suffered birth injury

Shoulder dystocia malpractice “Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  I can’t stress enough the impact your work has had on our lives.  I honestly don’t think I could’ve chosen a better lawyer and a better person to work with in the ways you have handled everything from start to finish and thank you for dealing with all the extra drama surrounding the case – you were amazing in all of it and I’ll forever be comparing every lawyer I meet in the future to you. You set the bar high and I’m so grateful you showed me where that level of expectation should be placed. Thank you so much, Anne. Like I’ve said in the past, you are one person that I will be telling my daughter about as she grows up.”  

-Mother of baby who suffer Erb’s palsy following a mismanaged shoulder dystocia at birth in Womack Army Medical Center

“I’ve included a picture of my son for you.  He is now 16 years old and we still truly appreciate the work and what you did because it has made our son’s life so much better.”   -Active duty father of son brain injured at birth

“It has bepopup-stillbornen quite a few years since we spoke and we just celebrated what would have been our daughters 7th birthday.  I can honestly say I don’t remember much from that first year now, but I do remember your compassion and caring nature with our family.  I wanted to let you know we came out of the darkness and have found our joy again!  Thank you for being part of that journey. I will be forever grateful.”

  – Mother of stillborn baby

William“On behalf of my son and myself, I would like to take the time to express our thanks to Anne Brown. My son was born with a congenital heart defect but the military doctors did not diagnose it until he was several weeks old and by then it was too late, he had suffered terrible brain damage. Not knowing where to turn, and struggling as a single parent, I found Anne Brown. While working with her I witnessed her impeccable professionalism, dedication, tenacity, and relentless efforts to help us although we’re over 1,000 miles apart.  In addition to that, she flew across the country to meet with me and my son, in person, on numerous occasions. Through my most difficult times of adversity, she provided emotional support that has been very important to me. As a result of Anne Brown, my son has lifetime medical care that I couldn’t afford. I recommend her to any person who’s searching for “excellent” legal representation.”

“Six years ago a military doctor told us our 10-week-old fetus had suffered ‘an early fetal demise.’ He recommended and performed a D & C; our daughter survived and was born six months later. A very determined and spirited infant with multiple physical and medical problems, all created by one medical mistake. She survived four months in intensive care, numerous orthopedic surgeries and five years with a tracheotomy. She still eats all her food with a tube in her stomach.  Today, our daughter is a bright, energetic 5-year-old. She walks with braces and a walker. A surgeon removed her trach this past summer so now we can finally hear her talk and giggle. She starts regular kindergarten in the fall.

It took more than three years to settle the medical malpractice case. We contacted your firm after hearing how you helped other military families with medical malpractice cases. You were our lifesaver. The firm was always genuinely concerned about our daughter’s health as well as how the rest of the family was dealing with a seriously disabled child. You stuck by us when the military medical community tried to shift the blame. You also creatively structured our settlement to insure we will have the financial resources to insure our daughter’s future is as comfortable as possible.”

“Our son was born with a permanent shoulder injury named Brachial Plexus Injury. This injury was the result of inadequate care in the delivery room, and he will never have full control of his arm. It was a very frustrating and traumatic time which took a lot out of our family to heal from emotionally. Your law firm assisted us in a critical time by ensuring this case had minimal impact on the family, so that we could concentrate solely on our son. Our case was finally settled satisfactorily with the defendant. We are thoroughly satisfied and grateful for your work during a difficult time in our lives.”


“To say your firm saved my life and the lives of everyone in the family is not an exaggeration. There are many ways to live a slow death and suffering from medical malpractice is just one. Because of successful litigation, we are able to go on with our lives and make the best of a tough situation.  In 1997, I was getting ready to deliver my fourth child. The doctors assured me that I could have a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). To make a long and sad story short, my son was delivered by emergency C-section but the doctors had waited too long. He was not breathing and had no heartbeat. By the grace of God my son survived and after weeks in the NICU was finally released to come home.  What followed was the most difficult year of my life. I was torn between being thankful my son was alive and tormented because of the disabilities I saw emerging as he grew. We knew we needed to do something when our medical insurance started denying things. We found ourselves stuck with huge expenses.

We found your firm through another parent of a disabled child.  You were heaven sent and knew exactly how to go about this process. I felt confident that you had my son’s best interests at heart. You proceeded in a methodical manner and kept us informed with copies of every document he sent out. You were professional in every facet of our experience. You knew the ins and outs of this process. I have no doubt that without your firm on our case, we would have been put through all sorts of stalls and deceptions.  Two years later, I can tell you without a doubt that you are still the attorneys I recommend to anyone I meet. Everything has been set up in such a logical and user-friendly way that I bless you on a regular basis. You know what you are doing. Having the financial freedom to provide for my child without it draining the family makes our lives livable. I encourage anyone to pursue this avenue to protect your future.”

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