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To save lives doctor should repair a hip fracture “before the sun has set twice.”

November 26, 2018

Hip fractures should be repaired on the day of admission or day after-at the latest.  Photo credit: sebastiankaulitzki@adobe.stock.com

Delays until hip fracture repair surgery is done are common.  Patients may have to wait until a surgeon or an operating room becomes available.  While it is generally accepted that early operative intervention improves survival by reducing patients’ exposure to immobilization and inflammation, there has been considerable debate about the point at which delaying hip fracture surgery for nonmedical reasons worsens mortality.  A new study established that surgery should be done on the day of the admission to hospital or the following day to prevent deaths.  “We suggest that clinicians, administrators, and policy-makers ‘not let the sun set twice’ on medically stable older adults before their hip fracture repair,” says Dr. Pierre Guy, an orthopedic surgeon and a principal investigator in this study.

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