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Military Malpractice Lawyer – Your Partner in Justice

You serve your country because you care. We serve you because we care about American servicemen and women. We know the sacrifices you make on a daily basis because of your service, and when you’re hurting because of medical malpractice, we understand and are here to help.  You are the best narrator of your own story but we help you tell it- in the right way, to the right people-to get justice.

We serve members of all American military branches—Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy. It doesn’t matter where you’re located—in the States, in a US territory, or overseas. We travel to where you are in order to meet your needs. We’re available 24/7 to offer counsel and discuss your unique situation.

Types of Military Malpractice Cases Handled

We have over 30 years experience working with a wide variety of military malpractice cases. We’ve helped people just like you who have gone through the physical and emotional pain of medical malpractice, birth injury, and wrongful death claims against the military.  If you, your spouse, or your child is a military dependent and a victim of negligence at a Navy, Army, or Air Force hospital—whether in the US or overseas—we have the commitment, experience and compassion you need.  We also have a documented track record of extraordinary results for military families.

Be aware that the statute of limitations on many such claims is two years—don’t wait until it’s too late to explore your options. Remember, our policy is, “No fee if no recovery.”

Who Are We?

We are a law firm with almost 30 years of experience and success handling all types of medical malpractice, birth injury, and wrongful death claims against the military, in all 50 states and all military medical facilities overseas.

A former high-risk labor and delivery nurse, attorney Anne E. Brown has almost 30 years experience and success working exclusively for military families who are victims of medical malpractice at military hospitals.  Attorney Brown focuses on injuries during childbirth and is committed to helping families deal with the emotional trauma of birth injuries and infant brain injuries resulting from lack of oxygen during birth, including cases involving children with cerebral palsy and cases in which negligence has caused either stillbirth or neonatal death.

She has also successfully resolved claims and lawsuits involving a wide array of other medical issues, such as surgical errors, delay and wrong diagnoses, pediatric complications, and wrongful death fro adults.  Attorney Brown  is committed to helping you reach a successful conclusion to these difficult and painful experiences.

Have you as a military dependent, or has one of your family members, been hurt as a result of an Army, Navy or Air Force doctor’s medical malpractice? If the answer is yes—or even if you’re not sure but just want to talk to someone and get some advice—please give us a call at 1-877-695-8757 or send us an email at LawHelp@MilitaryMedicalMalpractice.com.  Calls are answered 24/7 and all consultations are free.


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