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Beware: YouTube videos are wrong on prostate cancer

December 14, 2018

Of the 150 most popular YouTube videos on prostate cancer, 77 percent had factual errors or biased content in either the video or its comments section. In addition, only 50 percent of the videos analyzed described correctly the current standard of care in prostate cancer screening and treatment. Researchers at NYU School of Medicine say this poses potential health risks to patients. It is important to ask you doctor for trusted sources for information on prostate cancer.

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Source & to read more:  Stacy Loeb, Shomik Sengupta, Mohit Butaney, Joseph N. Macaluso Jr., Stefan W. Czarniecki, Rebecca Robbins, R. Scott Braithwaite, Lingshan Gao, Nataliya Byrne, Dawn Walter, Aisha Langford. Dissemination of Misinformative and Biased Information about Prostate Cancer on YouTube. European Urology, 2018

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