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Image of child with cerebral palsy in wheelchair due to birth injury

Cerebral Palsy: Could your child’s injuries have been prevented?

Cerebral Palsy is a devastating condition often caused by injury to the brain during birth. Brain injury can occur during a difficult birth due to lack of oxygen or trauma.  Cerebral palsy may make a child’s muscles so tight that it is impossible to walk, confining the child to a wheelchair. It may be difficult for the child to chew and swallow food, vision and hearing may be diminished, and seizures may also be present. Children with severe cerebral palsy may require a lifetime of expensive, 24 hour a day care.

The military birth injury lawyers at Brown Law have decades of experience evaluating cases involving children with cerebral palsy to determine whether birth injury, a lack of oxygen during birth, or birth trauma due to forceps of vacuum extraction caused brain damage to a child. If malpractice caused you child’s cerebral palsy, the compensation you may get from pursuing a legal remedy will help make sure your child gets the help he or she needs for the rest of his or her life. Contact us today so we may help you. 


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