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Group B Strep


During the last few weeks of your pregnancy, your military doctor or midwife should have taken a swab/culture to see if you had a bacteria called Group B strep (GBS). This bacteria can be transferred to your baby during delivery and result in a very serious infection in your baby’s brain called Group B strep meningitis. As a result, if your culture was positive for Group B strep, you should have been given antibiotics during labor to protect your baby from getting meningitis.

We have handled cases where military doctors or midwives forgot to take the cultures, where military labs failed to report a positive culture, and where military doctors negligently failed to treat the mother with antibiotics during labor and delivery, and the babies ended up with terrible injuries from GBS meningitis at birth. If your baby got Group B strep meningitis during his or her birth in a military hospital, please contact us so we can help you.  We provide free consultations with an experienced military birth injury lawyer.  There is no fee unless we get a recovery for you.

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