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Prolapsed Cord / Umbilical Cord Accidents

Injured Baby looking over Army dad shoulder

Umbilical cord accidents are emergencies- doctors must act fast to prevent brain damage and death.

You baby’s umbilical cord is his or her lifeline, delivering the blood, oxygen and nutrients needed for the baby to thrive. As a result, when something bad happens to the umbilical cord, it is a medical emergency and the doctors must act quickly or you baby may suffer brain damage or even death. These events can involve the umbilical cord prolapsing, the cord being pinched between the baby’s head and the side of the uterus during contractions, the cord ripping away from the placenta, or the cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck so that it tightens and chokes the baby when the baby descends into the birth canal.

We have successfully handled all types of injuries resulting from umbilical cord accidents at Army, Navy and Air Force hospitals worldwide. If your baby suffered an injury from an umbilical cord accident at a military hospital, we can help you too. Please contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced military birth injury lawyer.

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