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Five myths of medical malpractice –Part 1

January 23, 2017

Myth one: the medical malpractice “crisis” is caused by malpractice litigation

People point to jury verdicts with jaw-dropping awards issued to patients as proof of a malpractice crisis and need for limits on damages.  However, extensive research published in medical journals proves that run-away jury verdicts are NOT the cause of a malpractice crisis.  These verdicts are rarely paid in full and the frequency of malpractice claims and payments per claim have actually declined steadily since 1992 and are now less than one half the level it was at that time.  Further, the payout per claim is actually 46% below the 1992 level.  Scientific evidence and high quality data has finally put to rest the theory that malpractice litigation is causing a malpractice crisis.

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Source & to read more go to: Hyman, David A and Silver, Charles, Five Myths of Medical malpractice, CHEST 2013; 143 (1): 222 – 227

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