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Military Medical Malpractice – a right to sue?

September 22, 2019

From the American Association of Justice – The Faces of Feres:

Sgt. Dean Witt, California died due to negligence of a military nurse- and there was nothing his family could do about it. Photo credit: American Association for Justice- The Faces of Feres

In 2003, Air Force Staff Sgt. Dean Patrick Witt underwent a routine appendectomy at Travis Air Force Base in California. The surgical procedure was low risk. Unfortunately, following the appendectomy, a nurse administered a lethal dose of fentanyl and incorrectly inserted a breathing tube into Witt’s esophagus. Witt subsequently suffered from respiratory and cardiac arrest, and died after being left in a vegetative state for three months. After further investigation, the same nurse was linked to at least three other deaths. Sgt. Dean Witt’s wife is now left without a husband, lamenting that if only there was a system that would have held the nurse and the hospital accountable, her husband would still be alive. The Feres Doctrine prevented the Witts from holding the hospital accountable, because the doctrine bars all claims against the federal government by active duty servicemembers.

There is finally hope for a change, but we need your help. We ask our men and women in uniform to risk their lives protecting our rights, not to risk their lives in the hospitals when receiving routine medical care. Please reach out to your Members of Congress and urge them to support keeping the Feres Doctrine Med Mal Fix in the final version of the NDAA.

You can do this by telling your members of Congress to protect the rights of those who are protecting ours by visiting UnfairFeres.com. You can send an email to your members of Congress or tweet at them through the link. Use the hashtags #unfairFeres and #SaveStayskal. This injustice has gone on for far too long.


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